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compassPriorities (part 2)

A few weeks back, my wife and I were eagerly waiting for the arrival of our first child.  I remember thinking and wondering about what it would be like to hold and to care for our baby girl.  Every time those thoughts crossed my mind, a rush of mixed emotions and feelings appear to take over me.  And it was in moments like those that I would finding myself asking this question; “what could God possibly be teaching me???”  Those were the moments when the reality of God would start to sink in, and his presence would overwhelm me by giving me a sense of peace; a sense of His genuine love and care.

I know that He doesn’t always give me a visible answer to what I perceive to be my “greatest needs of the moment.”  One of those, you know, where life seems to go back to its normal routine and pace.  No, but He seems to always show Himself to those who seek Him…  One of the harsh realities about life in the Christian world is that many times we try to live according to what we perceive to be “correct, real, safe, and secure.”  But that is not always the best way to understand what God wants to do in and through us, or even what He might be showing us in order that we might come to understand and believe Him more.  And that’s why God is supernatural….that is why His presence many times overwhelm us, and that is why our priorities should always be on HIM!!!

I am not an expert on God by any means.  I do not even claim to know all the Truth about Him either, but I have been learning a few things here and there.  One of the greatest lessons that I have been learning lately goes back to a very popular verse in the book of Matthew “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Mat. 6:21).  What Matthew seems to be warning his readers here is that whatever takes control over his/her life (thoughts, actions, and even words), that same priority given to thing is the priority we should give to God in order that He would reign in us by making Himself known to us.

Luther said it very well when he wrote the following about this passage:  He said:

“What a man loves, that is his God.  For he carries it in his heart, he goes about with it night and day, he sleeps and wakes with it; be it what it may—wealth, or pelf, pleasure or renown.”

Here is the deal.  The believer in Christ should, on a daily basis, search his/her own heart to see if there is anything that might be taking control of his/her life.  The believer should have only One captain of his soul.  In the words of Junior Edwards, a famous alligator hunter from Louisiana, he says:  “It don’t matter how many people are in my boat…this is my boat and I am its captain…nobody else!”   Very deep theological truth…not really, but in all reality a believer in Jesus Christ has a captain of their soul to guide them into growth and knowledge of his/her Savior in order to bring God the highest honor and glory in this temporary life.  So, if Christ is in your boat, let Him do what only He can-Lead you in All Truth…

I believe that one of the highest priorities a believer should have is to truly attempt to live like a real follower; one who puts Christ as the captain of his/her life.  That is why a believer should always have his/her priorities straight as we like to say…even when they are eagerly expecting the coming of their first baby girl, or pastoring a church, feeding the poor or helping someone to navigate through the painful roads of this life…  It doesn’t matter if new or old, rich or poor, male or female.  What matters the most is where your heart is… because that will show to the world where your priorities really are.

Be the follower you were meant to be!

Priorities (Part 2)

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"Priorities" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

My wife and I have been in Brazil for the past sixteen months, and even though i have been back to the land where i was born, things are different now then they were when i was a teenager.  Growing up here was more than i could have asked for because it was home, friendly, familiar, and safe. Not that those things are always good…don’t take me wrong; these things described above were part of my life, all that i knew and all that i thought i needed to survive.  They were just a false reality to a life that desperately needed direction.  Those were my experience without truly knowing the truth.  Now things are different.  I live in a somehow familiar area in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but my perspective about life has changed drastically since i met the Lord Jesus Christ, and for that i am more than thankful.

This adventure started in 2001, almost two years before i went to the States for the first time.  Christ totally changed me.  He gave me a new perspective about life, because it was, and still is, filtered by His Word.  He gave me a new heart that it is constantly in a renewal, a molding process in which i am being transformed into the image of my Lord and Savior.  He set me free, from the bondage of sin and from the desperate state in which i found myself.  He gave me hope, and now i am accepted by Him as a child (John 1:12), a disciple (John 15:15), and i have become a member of His family (1 Cor. 12:27).  I have been freed from condemnation (Rom. 8), and as a consequence of this blessing, i am a citizen of Heaven (Phil. 3:10).  I have been sealed by the Holy Spirit (Eph. 1).  He has made me significant, and because of Him, now i am His temple (1 Cor. 3:16).  I have become a tool of reconciliation for His glory to this world that desperately needs Him (2 Cor. 5:17-21).  There is so much more that i could have explained because I have truly been abundantly loved by the Father.

So i could honestly say, that spending almost the last ten years of my life in the United States of America, has taught me much.  I have not only gained a tremendous knowledge about different subejcts in College and Seminary, but also a different perspective about life, especially about my life as a believer in Jesus Christ.  As i said, being in school was a tremendous blessing and challenge, but what has helped me to see life the way i should has been the lives of those around me, who constantly fought to pursue Christ wholeheartedly, and to make Him their number one Priority simply because it is the right and best thing to do.   Every believer should have their “priorities straight,” according to what the Word has to say.  I hope and pray that I would never forget what the Lord has done for me because that will help me to keep my priorities straight as well.


May the adventure continue, because it has started for me a long time ago.  What about you?


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